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Your future is created by what you do TODAY…not tomorrow.

John Lusink takes the guesswork out of how to take your real estate business to the next level.  With proven strategies and sound coaching principles gleaned from his 30 years as a leader in real estate, John can quickly help you get to where you want to grow!

  • Comprehensive business analysis 
  • Next level strategies, systems and operational roadmaps
  • Adding team members…successfully
  • Accountability and mindset shifts

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It’s YOUR future. Build it with John Lusink.

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When you're a growing concern, running a million miles an hour, it can sometimes be easy to push things aside that you already know you need to do to take your business to the next level. Having John on your side helps you stay the course.

Key Strategies

With John's background and vast experiences, he's worked with teams and agents in Exactly your situation. He has the key strategies to get you where you want to go next quickly, saving you time and monies!


When you have the right systems in place, your team and business runs like a finely tuned machine. John Lusink has the insights to assess quickly the operations you need to tweak or put into place.

Ongoing Analysis

Making your business and its growth more predictable requires tracking the right kind of data and knowing what it means. John's experienced eye is exactly the viewpoint you need for your business goals.

Focused Ideas

Every successful business owner got there by entertaining bright ideas, but when you're building to the next level its important to know which shiny ball to follow. John provides that outlook.

Maximize your $$$

New tools, new strategies, new systems, all crafted specifically with maximizing YOUR business - no cookie cutter approaches!


Featuring insights from industry leader and TREB’s Director & Finance Chair, John Lusink, CCIM, SRS, CRB, ABR, FRI.

  • As many of us know, as residential property values in many parts of Canada have continued to rise in the past several y

  • Back in 2014, I encountered a somewhat sobering story in the Toronto Star.  It was about a young Toronto couple who had

  • As one would expect, there’s a lot involved and a number of questions that need to be asked when it comes to selling yo

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